Why clean carpets and upholstery?The benefits of our truck mounted steam cleaning system, also known as “Steam cleaning” or “hot water extraction” are tremendous. Routine cleaning preserves the life of carpet and furniture and helps avoid premature wear and expensive replacement costs. The powerful engine of our Truck mount system helps generate maximum vacuum power which removes the embedded sand, grit, and abrasive soil that a household vacuum cleaner (or any unit that plugs into the wall) is not strong enough to remove. Removing this trapped soil reduces wear and prolongs your carpets life!

Routine cleaning improves indoor air quality, your environment, and your health. Our Truck mount system uses heat exchangers to heat up the water temperature, which helps kill odor causing bacteria caused by oils, food spills, animals, normal foot traffic, and daily activity. Sanitizing and rinsing the fiber of carpets and upholstery helps ensure a healthy environment.

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Mr. Clean Specials

2 Rooms - $59.00
Each Additional Room $20.00
Sofa & Loveseat - $99.00
Chairs - $30.00
Call for full set price
Area Rugs 5x9 and up
Starting at $25 each
Tile and Grout Cleaning
$25.00 Off
300 SF Min.

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